About Us

MiDA Advisors (MiDA) is a global advisory firm specializing in facilitating institutional investments and trade in Africa and other emerging markets. MiDA identifies investment opportunities and provides transaction advisory services in partnership with development financial institutions, governments, institutional investors, and research organizations.

Originally founded during the 2nd U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit in 2016 under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the team has expanded to a global advisory firm specializing in blended finance solutions and transaction advisory services to mobilize institutional investors into the real economy. In the last four years, MiDA facilitated investment deals targeting Africa and other emerging markets totaling over U.S. $1 billion. MiDA Advisors is headquartered in Washington, DC, USA, with offices in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Nairobi, Kenya.

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