The Asset Owners Forum South Africa


The Asset Owners Forum South Africa (AOFSA) is a first-of—its-kind collaboration of local pension funds to support a common goal of investing in South African infrastructure and real assets for the benefit of their members, while maximising the positive socioeconomic impact of those investments. In 2020, MiDA Advisors began serving as strategic advisor to the Council of Retirement Funds South Africa (Batseta) to provide guidance on the fundamentals of consortium establishment by providing advice on the critical steps needed for putting the AOFSA in motion such as advising on the framework of the consortium by outlining a detailed action plan. The Asset Owners Forum South Africa officially launched in November 21, with 12 of the largest pension funds in South Africa as founding members. To date, the AOFSA has collective assets totaling US$12 billion dollars and a mission to align key investments in infrastructure and other alternatives. MiDA Advisors continues to support AOFSA by providing advisory services on governance structures, asset pooling for commitment to investing in infrastructure and other asset classes, and building out a pipeline for investable projects recommendations.

The Asset Owners Forum South Africa (“AOFSA”) mobilises South African retirement funds under the guardianship of Batseta who wishes to respond collectively to socio-economic development needs of its members and South Africa. Through desktop research, referral and engagements, the Forum explores and catalogues public and private investment opportunities with a particular focus on real assets and other alternatives/ opportunities for consideration by the AOFSA members. The Forum creates opportunities for local and international retirement funds to share information, research, and data resources to best inform decisions on infrastructure and other co-investment opportunities. The Forum membership represents approximately R3 trillion in AUM within the retirement fund industry.