USAID U.S. Institutional Investors Delegation Trips to Africa


Delegation trips are key to MiDA Advisors' commitment to institutional investors' capacity building and facilitating connections between the U.S. and emerging markets.

The purpose of Delegation trips are to explore investment opportunities on the ground in Africa across various sectors and to develop relationships with African pension funds, asset managers and financial institutions for potential partnerships and co-investments. Beginning in 2017 and through the support of USAID, MiDA Advisors has led annual delegation trips with U.S. institutional investors from some of the largest pension funds in the country across the diverse regions within Africa including Southern and West Africa.

From 2017 to 2019, the MiDA initiative led annual investor delegations to Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa, through which U.S. investors met with their African counterparts to explore co-investment opportunities and visit successful infrastructure project sites. With a little over $2 million in grant funding, the MiDA program mobilized $1 billion in two-way investment commitments.

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